Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vegas Pursuit (Fleeing Sin City)

My new book, Vegas Pursuit (Fleeing Sin City), is out in both paperback and Kindle now. It can be found on Amazon.

Vegas Pursuit is a sequel to Cupid's Pursuit and, once again follows the misadventures of Matthew Malarkey. This time Matthew finds himself  in the bright lights of Las Vegas on a trip to celebrate his fortieth birthday. Where Matthew goes mayhem often follows and instead of enjoying a chilled, relaxed party atmosphere, he finds himself in the middle of life threatening confusion. As usual Matthew is never sure how he got involved but he does know that he has to find a way out...and he doesn't have much time to do it.

Vegas Pursuit, like Cupid's Pursuit, is a fun read, written to amuse and raise a smile.

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If you buy the book I hope you enjoy it.