Wednesday, 20 May 2015

High heels and flat shoes ...

Cannes Film Festival has come under fire after reports women were turned away from a red carpet screening for wearing flat shoes instead of heels.

If I didn't know better I would come to the conclusion that Cecil Delaney was behind this 'initiative.' Check out his view in this brief extract from Diamond Pursuit, the third novel in the Pursuit Series......

“A nice bottle of Duvel would go down well mate.”
“What if they don’t have it?” I asked.
“They’ll have it or something like it. Mate, it’s a class bar. None of your nobhead clientele in here,” Cecil replied. He stood up and extended his hands out in a wide, sweeping gesture. “Take a look around. See them birds down there? That’s what I mean by a class bar. They’re dressed up proper. For a start, they got proper shoes on. None of that trainer stuff like the birds back home. What’s that about anyway? Birds going out at night in shoes they’d wear to a fucking festival. I wanna go into places where the birds make an effort, you know ... get dressed up, put some quality shoes on. Go in a place like that and it makes you feel good, yeah? There can be no excuse mate. It’s gotta be a blinding pair of shoes or else stay home.”

Diamond Pursuit 2015